Staghorn fern

Paul Wielard pwielard at
Wed Aug 21 00:03:26 EST 1996

	I am trying to grow Staghorn ferns (Platycerium sp.) from very small
plants - the leaves start out about 3 cm high.  I plant them into a
peat/perlite mixture and keep them constantly moist.  Most of the
ferns either rot off or shrivel up within three weeks.

	I am in trying to grow these in Dallas, Texas, where temperatures
range from 90 to 100 this time of year.  Could this be too hot for the
Staghorn ferns?  Could I be keeping them too wet?  What kind of
humidity do these plants prefer?  How about fertilizer requirements?
Any cultural information or information about Staghorn fern's native
habitat would be helpful.  Good book recommendations are also welcome.

			Valerie Wielard
			pwielard at

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