Native Plant Societies

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Mon Aug 12 10:01:09 EST 1996

In article <4ujuq0$obl at>, williams at (Mycos) says:
>jmclaugh at McLaughlin) wrote:
>>>jennifer at (Jennifer M. Thompson) wrote:
>>>>I would like to contact any groups such as native plant societies in 
>>>>the following areas:
>>>>British Columbia, Canada
>>>>Oregon, USA
>>>>Washington, USA
>>    Pacific Northwest Native Plants site with links, sources etc.
>>        http://chemwww.chem.
>>    Rae McLaughlin
>>    Vancouver, B.C.
>Had trouble sending email to your address, Jeniffer. What exactly are
>you trying to find? I'm from B.C. , the semi-arid interior (Kamloops).
I'm trying to contact people who would be willing to collect seed of 
certain plants for use in a research project on weed biocontrol.  Since 
you're from BC, maybe you could help.  I need the seeds of Asperula 
arvensis.  It's not a native plant, and it's also supposed to grow in 
Alberta, but I can't find it anywhere.  Any suggestions?

I did check the site above and got a positive response from the Oregon Native 
Plant Society, so hopefully they'll be collecting seed for me shortly.


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