lowtech growth chambers

james d. ownby jdownby at osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu
Wed Aug 21 16:26:33 EST 1996

Our Botany Department needs a facility for growing rather large numbers 
of plants for use in plant biology & physiology labs.  We have about $25K 
to spend, but rather than buy 1-2 small reach-in growth chambers, we are 
thinking about refurbishing a room, ~8' x 12', for the purpose:  light 
banks on timers, fans, benches, etc.  Does anyone know another school 
where this has been done?  If so, could I obtain plans or schematics 
describing the end result?
  Thanks very much.

Jim Ownby, Head
Dept of Botany
Okla State Univ

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