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> [the dangers of chlorinated water]
> There are some, especially children, who are very sensitive to chlorine 
> in water. There are documented cases of chlorine in tap water, especially 
> when running the bath-taps, being linked to hyperactivity, and other 
> allergic-type reactions in children.

To be fair the things most at risk from the chlorine in tapwater 
are pets like goldfish and tropical fish. They are hypersensitive,
and must never be given water straight from the tap!

Back on topic - anyone know of any plants unusually susceptible to
chlorine in their water?

Not adding chlorine to tapwater leaves us all vulnerable to various
nasty pathogens - unless the water is exceptionally pure. In some
countries the levels are close to swimming bath strength to counter
cross contamination problems in the supply/drain pipework :(
> As to its links with cancer, there is probably more risk to your 
> auto-immune system from the low-frequency readiation in the mains cabling 
> than from the chlorine in the water.

It isn't the chlorine in the water which is the problem so much as 
the organic chlorine compounds formed in traces from the natural 
organic compounds (like methane/ethane etc.) often found in water.
I think the risk is normally very slight indeed.

High pressure sales techniques and panic words always make me
skeptical, there is some slight risk, but we would all be much
worse off without chlorinated water supplies.

Also you should bear in mind that a poorly maintained home filter
system will end up being a biological hazard by adding bacterial
contamination to your drinking water.

The plant I remember coming out tops for detoxing the air was the
humble Spider Plant, Chlorophytum cosmosum which in NASA's tests
proved very effective at absorbing folmaldehyde from the air.

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