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Huse, George V., Jr. wrote:
> Eileen Duesler CHEMISTRY wrote:
> >
> > hi my name is Chris,in Albuquerque NM . Saguaro cactus do get about 40-60
> > feet tall but only grow 1 foot every 10 years.  These plants probably can
> > not grow outside in N. Texas. I bought a saguaro at my local nurserey,
> > Rowlands, if you cant find one there talk to yor local grden association
> > about mail order.  I dont think you can take cuttings of saguaro.
> Thanks for the info.  I did an Alta Vista search on  Saguaro and found a company taht
> sold potted Saguaro cacti in various heights ($60 for a 1ft. plant).
> --
> Buzz Huse
> Euless, Texas, USA
> The best things in life are prohibitively expensive.

If they grew only 1 ft/10 yrs, a 40-60 ft plant would be 400-600 yrs old. 
Fact is they only get to be about 200 or so yrs old (and, having lived in 
Arizona for years, have to say that I've never seen one anywhere near 60 
ft -- they're big, but they're not THAT big!). They ARE frost-tender -- 
you can't even grow them in much of Arizona without protection from frost 
-- and generally, won't grow from cuttings (though in principle it should 
be possible).

B.t.w., if they want $60 for a 1-ft plant, they're grossly overcharging, 
at least by Arizona standards. If you're not in a hurry, grow one from 
seed -- I've got one that's about 2 ft tall that I've had in a pot for 13 
yrs (and it'd grow faster in the ground). 2nd best bet is to get a small 
one from one of the hundreds of Arizona nurseries, or even gift shops, 
that sell them -- ought to cost a couple of dollars, not more.


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