INFO NEEDED -Plant Antioxidants-

Monica Moura mtmoura at
Sun Aug 25 20:57:29 EST 1996

Anis Limami wrote:
> I am looking for all kind of information(s) that one would be
> kind to bring me about
> - plant crude extracts or plant purified molecules which have
> antioxidant properties
> - or at least name(s) of plants or plant species which are
> known to contain high amounts of antioxidants
> This sort of stuff is used in food industry, called Natural
> antioxidant, for instance rosemary plants (Romarin in french).
> Many thanks in advance
> Anis Limami
> email : limami at

Dear Anis,

Here is a reference of an article about in vitro culture of Hypericum 
canariense L., that mentions the use of a natural antioxidant 
(carnosic acid) extracted from Salvia canariensis L. (Lamiaceae 

MEDEROS, M. S., 1991. In vitro growth and multiplication of Hypericum 
canariense L. Acta Horticulturae, 289: 133-135.

Hope this helps,


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