BeanRef Newsletter 3/96

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                    BeanRef Newsletter No.3/96

What's new in BeanRef?

- The Cytogenetics section has been revised with more details and
  references about chromosome number, size, nuclear DNA amount,
  karyotype, and molecular cytogenetics.

  Thanks to Dr. Nagl there is a minireview about the polytene 
  chromosomes of Phaseolus and other organisms with many references 
  from literature.
- The search in BeanRef is no longer restricted to keywords, but 
  is performed as a fulltext search.

- Pages of BeanRef got a background color and the navigation bar on 
  top of each page is exchanged by graphical elements. 

One year after
BeanRef came into being in August 1995. Since this time there is
a continous increase in the number of references and links as well as 
a development in the user interface. Although I got very few comments 
from BeanRef readers so far, I hope to fullfill your demands for an
up-to-date information system.

What is 'BeanRef'?

BeanRef contains references from literature and links to electronically 
available information to different aspects of research on beans 
 (genus Phaseolus and Vigna). 

The content is devided into the sections:
- Germplasm Collections/ Taxonomy
- Molecular Biology/ Genetics
- Cytogenetics
- Production and Consumption
- Conferences, Organizations and Groups
- Databases
- Electronic and Printed Communication

BeanRef is available to everyone who can use WWW browsers like
NCSA Mosaic, Netscape or Lynx. The URL is:

| As BeanRef depends essentially on your contributions, don't hestitate |
| to send any comments, suggestions for further references and links.   |
| To send a feedback just click to the Feedback-button.                 |

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