tissue culture!

Henry Kuska FMFR33A at prodigy.com
Tue Aug 27 08:53:01 EST 1996

podd at botany.unp.ac.za (lindsey.podd) wrote:

>I have always used Tween 20, sorry if I didn't mention it originally.  I 

>have tried all the plant parts, and get the stems remaining green on 
>occasion and the leaves very occasionally, all other plants parts (
>tendrils, pitchers, flower parts are killed in even the weekest 
>sterilants).  The 3.5% NaOCl may indeed be to strong for the plant, but 

>lowering the concentration won't help because even with an weekly 
>with Benlate, a benlate dip, an ethanol dip and sterilization (with 
>20) the plants are still not coming up sterile.  The plant is 
>and grows in damp conditions...  and nothing seems to kill the fungus 
>by the way it's not my bench technique before any one suggests it) - so 
>I am really looking for is unusal and effective ways of sterilizing them,
>for example has anyone had sucess with ultrsound?
>Ta Ta
   In my limited experiments the ultrasound killed the plants.

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