chilli question

Vimala Siddalingaiah vsiddali at
Wed Aug 28 06:05:29 EST 1996

Is this Japanese chilli?  I had one that grew upwards and did not grow
more than an 1".  But they are very hot though!

Matthew Bottomley (matthewb at wrote:
: Hello.  

: I bought a chilli plant yesterday.

: Nice, eh?

: Thing is, the woman I bought it from didn't know how I should treat it.  Do
: you?

: It's about 8 inches tall, 6 major stalks and has about 40 little greenish
: peppers on it, some of which are turning orange.  They're growing upwards
: and look as if they'll become the fairly common sort of small red peppers
: you can buy in lots of shops in england.

: Any tips would be very welcome, I wouldn't want my new found friend to die
: on me.

: Cheers, Matt

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