Germination of various conifers

Charles S Buer buer at WPI.EDU
Wed Aug 28 03:17:30 EST 1996

On 27 Aug 1996, JULIE1CALL wrote:

> Looking for reference material on how to germinate and grow various pines
> and spruces. In particular, I want to grow my own Colorado Blue Spruce,
> Austrian Pines, Red Pine and White Pine. Particularly, which need to be
> stored in cold storage for how long, which need to be burned.... Also want
> to grow, from seed, River Birch and White Birch.  Any ideas? Mail to
> julie1call at
One of the best references I know is:

Young, J.A. and Young C.G.  1992.  Seeds of Woody Plants in North America.
Revised and Enlarged Ed.  Discorides Press, Portland OR. This book is
available through Timber Press, Portland OR.  It includes European species
which are commonly grown in the United States. 

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