Anthuriums question

Fure-Chyi Chen ³¯ºÖºX furechen at UNIX2CC.NPPI.EDU.TW
Sun Dec 1 03:05:22 EST 1996

Anthurium needs good airation in the potting mix. Vermiculite may not be 
suitable for the plant. If the plant has many divisions (shoots), you 
probably can divide it into several plants during warm season. Put some 
gravels in the bottom of any large pots (6-in pot or larger). Add 
perlite, tree fern fiber, and other materials with good aeration. It is 
cold sensitive, so keep them out of low temperature. A slow release 
fertilizer such as Osmocote 14-14-14 can be applied once in one or two 
months, depending on the growing condition of your plants.


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