Kiwi and root fungus

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Tue Dec 3 05:53:39 EST 1996

robert weitkamp wrote:
> Anyone have any ideas on how to cure kiwi vines that have been
> infected with root fungus (my best guess).  The leaves are dieing from
> the edges in and dropping off.   New growth is affected the least.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Robert Weitkamp
> rweitkamp at

The problem could also be salty water, just based on the leaf
observations.  Also, kiwis are very dependent on endomycorrhizal fungi
for nutrient-gathering and protection.  Might be helpful to probe some
inoculant down to the root zone, although this is better done at
planting time.  If you would like to experiment a little, contact me and
I'll give you some mycorrhizae and volcanic trace minerals to try.

Don Chapman
Bio/Organics Supply Center
Camarillo CA

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