Help: Bug Infestation (Mites?)

== Chris Rake == gt9308a at
Thu Dec 5 11:27:31 EST 1996

I'm not sure if these are the right newsgroups, but they're the only
ones I found that deal with plants.

I have a vine-type house plant that I recently repotted and moved inside
for the winter.  It's doing really well and since repotting has grown
all sorts of new growth.

However, this morning I noticed small black bugs all over the stems of
the plant.  Their "shells" (ie: dust like waste) were all over the
table.  At first I thought it was some funky growth on the plant, but
when I looked closer it was these mite like bugs.  I checked the 
surrounding plants and no other plant had this infestation.  These bugs
were slow moving and about the size of a bread crum.  I have since
moved the plant outside as I didn't want these bugs spreading all over
my apartment.  It's going to be warm for a few days, but I'd like to get
the plant back inside before the next round of cold weather hits. 

What are these bugs?  What can I do about them without killing the


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