Need Greenthumb advice!

mYthOs L'iMpErATif mythos at
Fri Dec 6 11:32:39 EST 1996

Help!! My potted tree/plant of 3 years is turning yellow and dark brown 
after moving it indoors.  I don't know exactly what it is, but it looks 
like a palm tree, except with longer wider dark green leaves.  It has 
three stems, the tallest about 7 feet tall.

It has always been tolerable of my ignorant abuse, but I'm really 
concerned this time!  I fed it some miracid and put it near a bay 
window that gets afternoon filtered sunlight (If there is any this time 
of year).  The leaves are yellow in the middle, or brown and droopy.  
Is morning light better indoors?  Any suggestions??  
Thanks in advance!

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