mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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Sun Dec 8 13:00:29 EST 1996

Dr. Linderman is the top man on VAM, but the person who is knowledgeable
from so many decades of experience, etc., with the ECTOmycorrhizae
characteristic of most TREES is Dr. Donald Marx, who is now helping a

   Plant Health Care, 440 Wm. Pitt Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15238,
412-826-5488,   fax 412-826-5445  1-800-421-9051

Of course, since both kinds of mycorrhizae have basically the same
metabolism, they all suffer from the deleterious effects of chemicals. 
But just the same, it is sensible to contact Dr. Marx if you are talking
about TREE mycorrhizae, the Ecto type.

B. Rateaver

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