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There is also the forthcoming series Illustrated Flora of Great Britain and
Ireland coming out- but this will be expensive and in 6 volumes I believe..
Balogh Scientific Books

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> Jean,
> 	I tried to e-mail this but it got bounced back.  Try E-mailing me
> if you want any more information.
> 	I suggest "The Illustrated Flora of Britain and N. Europe" by
> Christopher Grey-Wilson and Marjorie Blamey, who's one of the best
> illustrators in the UK at present.  It's 25 pounds, but worth every new
> penny.  It has botanical keys, brief descriptions and the marvellous
> illustrations.   (There is also a field guide by Fitter, Fitter and
> for #9.99, but it is less well printed and only has 1500 plants instead
> 2500, published by Collins.)  If you want more details, like ISBN and
> publisher for the Illustrated Flora let me know.
> 	The currently recommended botanical flora is called the New English
> Flora or something like that, but I haven't seen it myself.  This is the
> kind that's full of botanical words and has no coloured pictures, but
> what you need if you really want to identify plants.
> 		Howard Clase	hclase at

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