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>>In which ways is electronegativity connected and important to life? 
>>instance electronegative is need for plasma membrane.  Is there any
>>examples of how electronegative is useful?  
>We are living antennas, not to mention the static electricity caused by
>rubbing our feet on the carpet at low humidity. Am I missing your
>point? Mike Roginsky.

I'm amazed at how the only responses to this thread so far do indeed appear
(IMHO) to have missed the point. 

Electronegativity relates to OXIDATION-REDUCTION potential. More 
electronegative substances reduce (transfer electrons to) less electronegative 
substances. This is basic to many biochemical processes, especially 
respiration and photosynthethesis. My suggestion to the original poster is to 
go to a biological/biochemical text and look up the energetics of these 

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