Volunteers Wanted to test preservative/biocide

Andrea Kalin andrea at MK.IBEK.COM
Thu Dec 12 00:41:50 EST 1996

We are experimenting with a new biocide/preservative to prevent bacterial 
and fungi contaminants in plant tissue culture.  The preservative, which 
is known as PPM, would be used as an alterantive to antibioitics.  
Initial results show that the preservative in most cases is more 
effective than conventional antibiotics and considerably less expensive 
which would allow for wider use.

One of the advantages of the preservative is that you can pour media 
outside of a hood and in some cases you do not need a filter when pouring 
liquid media. 

We are currently looking for University laboratories and corporate 
laboratories to test this preservative, which would be provided free of 
charge. Contact Martin Kalin.  marty at mk.ibek.com

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