Bio-Respirometer for measuring respiration of algae,insects,yeast, plants

Jan Czekajewski janczek at
Fri Dec 13 09:36:02 EST 1996

Bio- Respirometer

New Respirometer is intended for testing and modeling in the laboratory
gas exchanges during aerobic or anaerobic biodegradation/ bioremediation.
It can also be used to measure respiration of algae, fungi, oxidation of 
food products,
bacterial response to antibiotics and toxins, respiration of soil, compost 
Up to 80 sample chambers ( variety of sizes)  can be connected to  
Respirometer which is equipped with O2 and CO2, analyzers 
Optional CH4 and H2S, H2 are also available.  Sample 
chambers can be refreshed from the compress gas bottles or 
from the Columbus Instruments programmable gas blender. 
Respirometer is capable to measure head space gas 
exchanges on 24h basis. Multiple experiments of different 
length can be conducted in the same time using liquid or 
solid samples. Due to the exceptionally high sensitivity 0.2 uL of gas /h, 
Bioremediation Respirometer can monitor very slow  
biodegradation processes of plastics, hydrocarbons, 
explosives, creosote as well as respiration of insects, aquatic plants and 
If you need more information and application notes please 
send your street address to:
Jan Czekajewski, Ph.D.
e-mail:janczek at

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