Do plants grow better in different spectra of light?????

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Sat Dec 14 17:20:01 EST 1996

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Rob-Smetana at writes: 
>I am doing a 7th grade science project asking:  Do plants grow
>better in different spectra of light?
>I had a few questions to ask.
>* Has this experiment been done before?  If so, where can I
>find the info about it?
>* How long will it take for there to be any effect on the
>* Which spectra further plant growth?  Do any spectra harm
>plants; do any spectra retard plant gowth?
>* How can I get the different light spectra?  How can I
>mesure the spectra?
>* Do different plants respond to different spectra? In a six
>week experiment, which plants should I choose to most quickly
>show an effect?
One suggestion for you.....General Electric makes fluorescent lights
specifically for growing seedlings indoors while it is yet too cold to
plant outside. They can tell you where the most important band in the
spectrum is key.......hope this helps...MAD.Micro

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