mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

Eric Grunden egrunden at
Sun Dec 15 00:02:55 EST 1996

In a previous article, gdwill at (Garry Williams) says:

>>Professors are not in the business of selling mycorrhizae, they are
>>in the business of imparting knowledge and banishing ignorance.
>>I would suggest you use one...................
>Um, supposing, just for the sake of argument, someone were to tell you
>that she *is* one? 


I'm not sure what your point is, my statement was directed at the
person who posted that professors aren't selling mycorrhizae
because the chemical companies had paid them off.  If that
person *is* a professor, then based on that and his/her previous 
statements, I feel sorry for students at that institution.  
My apologies to other readers if offense was taken, however
we can all use more knowledge, even if you ARE a professor, you
can grow from the knowledge of your colleagues.............

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