Olive Tree in my yard!

Bob Doyle rdoyle at cts.com
Sun Dec 15 12:06:19 EST 1996


I live in Poway, in the North-Eastern foothills of San Diego, California. A 
few days ago, I noticed a tree in my front yard was producing fruit. Quite a 
suprise to me. I've lived in this house only three years, but the house is 
about 20 years old and the tree is likely to be the same age. 

The fruit is, as of today, smaller than a ping-pong ball, yellow (starting to 
turn green) and quite round. A neighbor and I check in some reference books 
and we're fairly sure that the tree is an O.europea, Euopean Olive Tree. 

I read that the fruit is not edible without processing, but I'm wondering if 
the oil could be extracted? Any tips or advice regarding this new found source 
of Olive Oil in my yard?

Thanks in advance, Holiday Greetings to all.

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