Salisal? Please help

Susan J. Meades sjmeades at
Mon Dec 16 15:32:56 EST 1996

m.lee wrote:
> Salisal is supposed to be a bushy shrub in the Pacifc Northwest, but I'm
> unable to find it in any of the botany books I have to hand.
> Can someone give me another common same or identify it?
> tia
> ml

I'm sure you mean salal: Gaultheria shallon, which is a shrub of coastal 
BC.  Salsola kali var. tenuifolia, Russian thistle, mentioned in another 
article, is an annual herb, introduced from Eurasia.  Check out Salal in: 
"Plants of Coastal British Columbia", by J. Pojar & A. Mackinnon, 1994, 
BC Ministry of Forests & Lone Pine Publishing.  There are several areas 
covered by Lone Pine field guides, all very good references.  

Gaultheria shallon is also included in "Indicator Plants in Canadian 
Forests", currently in final production and to be published by the end of 
this fiscal year by the Canadian Forest Service, Ottawa.

Sue Meades

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