Q(Price of Computer in Netherlands)

marko fennema at chem.rug.nl
Tue Dec 17 10:09:48 EST 1996


The price of the computer depents on what type you want. If a 486 
processor is enough than you can get it complete with cd-rom player 
and all the other multi-media stuff for 1000 gulden (588 US$)

If you want a pentium 100 mHz with 1.2 GB-HD, 15' screen 8X cd-rom 
player, 16bit soundcart you will have to pay about 2000 to 2700  gulden
 (1176 -1588 US$)

I hope that this is sufficient information for you.


Marko Fennema  <fennema at chem.rug.nl>

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