Olive Tree in my yard!

Bob Doyle rdoyle at cts.com
Mon Dec 16 19:56:05 EST 1996

In article <32b57e7f.187885011 at news.ucdavis.edu>, vrg at post1.com (Veronica) wrote:
>If the fruit is yellow and beginning to turn green in December, I
>doubt that you have an olive.  Olive fruits are green through October
>or November when they start to turn reddish to purple to deep purple,
>almost black as the fall/winter season progresses.  Things may be a
>bit different in San Diego, but I've not seen an olive go from yellow
>to green.

Thanks for your reply. Do you, or others, have any tips on identifying this 
tree? I could take a digital photo and post it. 

If it's any clue about San Diego inland weather, my Navel seedless oranges are 
just beginning to ripen. Lots of winter crop oranges here. 


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