mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

Eric Grunden egrunden at
Tue Dec 17 17:11:15 EST 1996

In a previous article, brateaver at () says:

>And it is not correct that there are not adequate supplies, etc. of
>mycorrhizae cultures. There are plenty of sources now, both endo and ecto
>types. All those arguments you gave are incorrect. There is now no reason
>at all for not getting the cultures and using them, regardless of scale. 

OK. Out here in rural IL farmers have their choice from a couple of
thousand different places to go purchase fertilizer, most of which
will deliver the proven product to their door. Please tell me where 
they should go to purchase their mycorrhizae, what equipment they should
use to apply it, how much it costs per acre to use and apply, and
the proven results they can expect under a variety of soil, climatic,
and environmental conditions, and I'll pass the word along to them.....

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