Do plants grow better in different spectra of light?????

Amy Knutson aknutson at PEAK.ORG
Thu Dec 19 12:22:03 EST 1996

Again if you're serious about growing a productive crop, incandescent 
won't cut it because the intensity is not high enough for adequate plant 
growth. Discharge lamps are used in the greenhouse industry because they 
are much more efficient (you get more light for the buck).

-Amy K.

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Ken Sills wrote:

> To generate light of varying spectra will involve using discharge tubes. 
> These are essentially like neon lights, but with krypton, helium, etc.
> in the place of the neon.  I wouldn't reccomend this route.
> There is another way of getting the effect that I think you are looking
> for.  Use a white-light source (incandescent light bulb) and filters.
> The filters can be simple.  For example, coloured overhead 
> transparancies.  If you do this well, you could create effective
> blue, green, yellow, and red filters to place in front of white bulbs.
> Because incandescent light bulbs are not a flat spectral source you may
> also want to make different darknesses of grey filters (neutral density
> filters) and use a light sensor (get one at home depot, etc.) to 
> balance the light levels for each filtered source .  That way you won't
> bias your results by giving one plant more light that another.
> Hope this is helpful?
> Ken Sills

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