mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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Mon Dec 23 21:28:18 EST 1996

Another point--insects will attack plants when they recognize the
electromagnetic spectrum signals that tell them: This is food for you. It
is the vibrational pattern they sense with the sensilla of their antennae.
 Dr. Philip Callahan explains this in detail. Of course, he has been
sneered at by the ignorant too.

The reason these monoculture growers have so much hunger for a yet
stronger and stronger poison is that their plants are so unhealthy that
insects zero in on them as they recognize the signals the plants give off.

That is the real basis of insect attack or lack of it. Most people,
especially those of academia, are too ignorant to know this, or to accept
it. How can they accept it? It makes them look stupid for applying all
those poisons, when they should be helping the growers to grow organically
so well that the plants are healthy enough to give off signals saying:
This is NOT food for you.

Now watch for the ugly responses , if any.  I hope you don't fall into the
trap and start offering these people free materials.

B. Rateaver

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