mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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You can see in electron mic photographs, the fungi are not waiting to see
if some hormone reaction is going to stop root hairs from developing. The
minute a root hair starts to stick its little nose right out of the
epidermal region, the fungus is right there on the job, ready to overwhelm
it. The poor little root hair doesn't have a chance.

Ion absorption. Plants can absorb molecular nutrients via endocytosis, no
need for the textbook data about ions, cation exchange and all that, that
makes a neat sketch in a soils textbook. The absorbing root hairs are not
in contact with the soil particles anyway. They are encased in the
muciget, not floating in a soil solution of ions. It's the soil organisms
that pick up whatever gets into the mucigel, and they work it over before
it gets to the root hair.

The real fact of the controversy is that academia is just waiting for a
chance to get some grant money out of the mycorthizae suppliers. All these
decades univ people have been feeding themselves off the chemical
companies, to whom they toady and bow, and have kept the world ignorant of
mycorrhizal existence.

Now when all of a sudden mycorrhizae are commercially available, these
same profs can instantly change their stance to be so sickeningly sweet so
they can get grants and/or material from the newly existing mycorrhizal
suppliers. Disgusting.

B. Rateaver

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