Southern Hemosphere Vines

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>} >It has been observed that in out area vines grow clockwise up
>} Is
>} >this the same in other parts of Australia or do they grow
>} ant-clockwise
>} >in the Northern Hemisphere? CAn someone from there check and tell
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>} This one I qualify to answer. Because of the earth's rotation a
>} secondary effect force (secondary only because is small in flight
>} computations) called Coryollis effect causes the vortex caused by
>} draining a sink or tub to turn "counterclockwise" - looking down on
>} in the northern hemisphere. Vines will do the same around trees. Of
>} course as an engineer I use my right hand fist with the thumb up as
>} direction of the twist looking from bottom up. Likewise the effect
>} reversed in the southern hemisphere, or thumb down in my analogy. I
>} born and raised 1/2 degree south of the equator and the vines grew
as I
>} stated. Also did the water vortex on the sink. Cheers...-:)
>It was my observation in the island nations of the South Pacific that
>direction of the drain vortex was more a function of the fixture.
Sorry ml, Coryollis forces are as predictable as gravity. On a free
flowing vortex, it spins as a function of the hemisphere. It is
possible that a peculiar drain design may modify the vortex behavior,
but not the vines. If you don't believe me, try to reverse the
direction of a vine growing up a tree. Unless restrained it will do the
coil direction per the Coryollis effect. You may also search your
encyclopedia at the library, or ask any secondary science teacher.
Cheers... MAD.SCIENTIST.Micro at d_micro at

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