Heliophylla coronpifolia

Console IIcx bgcannon at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 29 08:56:45 EST 1996

We have a fairly decent library here, both edible and non edible plants
- we could find nothing. Is there an older name or synonym? Glad to keep
looking if we get more info.

Tropical Fruit News magazine will be glad to answer what questions we
can. We are the world's only monthly tropical fruit magazine; our
publisher is the Rare Fruit Council International, Inc. RFCI is a
registered USA nonprofit founded in 1955. We print 20 or more pages

Questions to: bgcannon at hotmail.com

Shortly we will list a web page address where you can look at articles,
photos and information. Until then, we must resort to snail mail
requests for sample issues:special Internet offer- USA send $1.25,
others send $1.75 (reply coupons OK). Sorry about asking for your hard
earned cash but postage is a killer. A year subscription is $35 US and
$45 others. Special student rate as well.

Request to:
        Editor: TFNews
        2828 McCall Road S. Suite 32 Box 9
        Englewood, Florida
        USA             34224

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