PhD student position in plant embryo development

Roland Grönroos Roland.Gronroos at
Fri Dec 20 03:29:33 EST 1996

PhD Student Position 

In Cell and molecular biology of forest trees at the Department of Forest
Genetics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden.

At the Department of Forest Genetics, Division of Forest Tree Cell
Biology, studies of how different characteristics in trees are regulated
at the individual, cell and molecular levels are carried out. Within the
area of growth and development studies  a PhD student position has been
created. The PhD student will study how embryo development is regulated in
conifers at the molecular level.

The student will join a group of scientists from all over the world. Our
group is situated at the Uppsala Genetic Centre. You may want to have a
look at our WWW-server "" to
get an overview of the projects going on at the Uppsala Genetic Centre.

Suitable background:
Academic degree including biological and chemical studies. Knowledge of
and experience with cell and molecular biology are considered an
additional qualification.

For further information: 
Please contact professor Sara von Arnold. 
phone +46 18 67 32 30, 
fax +46 18 67 32 79
e-mail: Sara.von.Arnold at

Please mark your application with reference number: 5924/94-0204

Application with list of qualification and other documents has to arrive
no later than  29  January 1997 to:

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 
Box 7070, 
S-75007 Uppsala, 

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