Hormodin rooting hormones-looking for sources

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Sat Dec 28 23:44:19 EST 1996

The 'correct' answer to my question is

Hormodin is a rooting hormone which was terminated in 1994 by the US
EPA. It is not legal now.

The exact replacement is Rhizopon AA in use, product designation number,
and active ingredient, used to promote rooting of cuttings by dry dip
Rhizopon AA #1 (0.1% IBA)
Rhizopon AA #2 (0.3% IBA)
Rhizopon AA #3 (0.8% IBA)

I found that the US master distributor is V-J Growers Supply 

ps: Sigma only sells products which are illegal to use for plant growing
except in the lab and they sell only limited qty and not for growers.

Console IIcx wrote:
> You might try SIGMA Chemical Company, P O Box 14508, St. Louis, MO USA
> 63178 (800)325-3010 US. This sounds like a brand name, what is the
> chemical name? Good luck:-)
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