mycorrhizae tolerance to fertilizer

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Mon Dec 30 21:20:09 EST 1996

egrunden at (Eric Grunden) wrote:


>Your extreme bitterness about the grant process is apparent in all of your 
>posts, perhaps clouding your objectiveness and perspective. Were you
>denied some grant or something? Get over it............

>brateaver at wrote:

>>I just wonder if E. Grunden has really seen the action.
>>The whole problem is that E. Grunden is still far behind
>>It is clear that E. Grunden is still stuck in the old,
>>E. Grunden is not awake to the fact of endocytosis, in which ions are not
>>A point E. Grunden does not recognize: use of chemical salts in soil
>			*******
>Since you have steered this thread from a courteous open free discussion 
>of a scientific topic into a personal flame attack, I no longer feel

Frankly, I don't see any difference in tone between "Your extreme
bitterness about the grant process..." and "E.Grunden is still stuck
in the old..." Perhaps one or both of you see it differently, but I
thought each was merely stating what s/he thinks to be the case. Had
poster X stated that poster Y was a slime sucking maggot, I could see
one calling it a personal flame attack, however from here it just
looks like one party is pointing out a difference of opinion from the
other party. How is this a  "personal flame attack"?

>compelled to participate. The data from esteemed mycologists, soil
>scientists, plant scientists, etc. has all been tainted by the dirty
>chemical industry money and is totally inaccurate. You win, everyone go buy 
>mycorrhizae, destroy the education system, burn the synthetic fertilizer 
>plants, and everything will be just peachy............

What happened to the exchange of ideas and information? If someone
doesn't agree with you, you just run away instead of answering the
questions? I for one am deeply disappointed. How am I supposed to get
a balanced point of view and enough information to make informed
decisions when those that are supposed to know the most take all their
marbles and go home just because they thought someone called them a
"bad" name?   =:o  I hope that you aren't really as thin-skinned as
you lead us to believe with the above paragraph and that you will do
us the honor of replying to the points made by Dr. Rateaver (and not
to any real or imagined personal barbs). As a volunteer Master
Gardener I have hands-on experience with several different approaches
to growing plants, and I hoped to learn some more of the theory behind
these methods by listening to the debates of my betters, but now it
seems as if I and others will be denied that opportunity because
stroking the human ego is more important than honest, open discussion
of scientific information and ideas. What a shame!

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