Southern Hemisphere Vines

Neil O'Hara nohara at
Tue Dec 31 09:34:38 EST 1996

Michael L Roginsky wrote:

> >M. Reed
> Hello Mr. Reed.....Genetics have no effect on how vines wrap themselves
> around trees. This phenomena is caused by the earth's spin and is
> called Corryolis effect. Vines grow from ground up on a clockwise
> rotation on the northern hemisphere, and counterclockwise from ground
> up on the southern hemisphere. If you wish more proof, experiment with
> a sinkfull of water. As the water drains, a small vortex is created. It
> will turn counterclocwise on the northern hemispher. This because you
> are looking from the top down. MAD.Micro, PE. d_micro at

Go back to your own sink, and try repeating that experiment a few dozen
times. The vortex does _not_ always go the same way. It's also _very_
easy to change the direction of the vortex with a twist of your finger.

The Coriolis effect works on a global scale on weather patterns. 
Basically, an air current moving toward the equator gets "left behind"
as the earth spins under it.  I have a _really_ hard time believing that
this has any effect on the growth pattern of vines!!!!!


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