Contract Transformation Wanted

David McElroy mcelroy at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Feb 3 13:37:37 EST 1996

I am putting together an article that will appear in a special issue of=20
Nature Biotechnology covering =B3Virtual Biotechnology=B2 and the idea of=
the =B3Virtual Biotech Company=B2.  The subject of my article is plant=20
transformation facilities, both core facilities and those willing to do=20
contract transformation.  I have some information on core transformation=20
facilities at university/government sites.  However, I am often=20
contacted by industry representatives who as me the question =B3We have=20
gene X that we would like to pay to have introduced into crop plant Y. =20
We would like to receive a specific number of T1 generation transgenic=20
plants to evaluate.  We want to retain ownership of both the gene and=20
the transgenic plants. Who could you recommend?=B2.  Their target crops=20
are most often cereals, grain legumes, vegetables and conifers.
	If you have an established transformation system, are willing to offer=20
such a contract transformation service and would like to be highlighted=20
in my article then please send me the following information.

The name of your institution
The name of your transformation group
The species that you transform, including a published reference (in an=20
internationally recognized journal - so nothing from The Scottish=20
Journal of Turnip Tissue Culture) to your transformation system, which=20
details evidence of multiple independent T1 transgenic plant production.
A contact name and e-mail address
A WWW homepage address, if available

If you do not carry out such contract transformation yourself, but know=20
of someone who does, then I would be grateful if you could pass on this=20
message to them.

David McElroy
UC Berkeley

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