How to kill a tree?

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Sat Feb 3 09:21:48 EST 1996

tiburon at wrote:
> I have wrestled with this problem for quite some time.  Killing trees to
> me is like burning books, but I'm at the end of my rope (or branch).
> There is a city pine tree which has grown out of control, has destroyed
> the sidewalk and two drives, falling branches have damaged a dozen cars,
> not to mention broken several home windows from the hard cones being
> thrown in the wind.  How the city managers ever let this species be
> planted is beyond me.
> The city has refused to even prune the tree in over 15 years and will only
> touch it if it is sick or dead.  I love trees and want to see something a
> little more appropriate in its place, which the city would do, IF there
> was something wrong with the one in place.
> But now, how do we go about killing it clandestinely so that it wouldn't
> be immediately apparent to the city?  Ideas?  People with similar
> problems?
> Help!

I´ve heard (on a swedish tv-program) that there is a chemical 
(which one can buy on an gardening/plantshop (at least here in sweden))
To use to kill not wanted plants on gardengrass and such.
Just put a few drips on a 10 cm plant and it will die.
On the tv-program they made a warning that if the plants next to the 
unwanted plant just got a dim on it it would also die.
Maybe the chemical works on all green plants and maybe 2-3 spoons
could sort out the problema.
just smear it out,on the visible parts of the roots for example.

Maybe it will take a few weeks before it dies.


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