Want tree for Milwaukee area -- help

JMBestwick at BestSolutions.com JMBestwick at BestSolutions.com
Mon Feb 5 10:32:46 EST 1996

I hope this is an appropriate posting -- my apologies if not.

I want to send a tree, bush, or hearty plant (rhodedendroen) to some friends in Milwaukee.  I do not know the area and weather well 
enough to pick one out that will make it through the winter.

1.  What kinds of trees would be good?  	Second choice:  bush		Third choice:  plant

They live in an old historic home across from a park.

2.  Do you know of any nurseries that would be good?  I would call them and arrange for them to choose it and delivery it.


Jan M. Bestwick
JMBestwick at BestSolutions.com

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