help: Japanese Knot Weed?

Dunmail D.J.Hodkinson at
Thu Feb 1 08:38:41 EST 1996

>> I should appreciate it if someone could tell me what Japanese knot 
>> is and how to control it.  I was recently asked how to eliminate a
>> patch that's growing just outside the person's house and I've never
>> heard of it.  Can anyone tell me something about it?  Thank you.

The plant known in the UK as Japanese knotweed is:-

Fallopia japonica (synonyms Reynoutria japonica, Polygonum cuspidatum)

It forms quite dense thickets, up to 2m high and is certainly a problem 
weed here!

It spreads by regrowth from vegetative fragments, rather than seed. It is 
difficult to get rid of, but I believe this can be achieved using lots of 

Unit of Comparative Plant Ecology
University of Sheffield

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