How to kill a tree?

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Wed Feb 7 17:22:41 EST 1996

In <311217A7.71D1 at> mjwriter <mjwriter at>
>The fact that the pine is losing limbs, especially large ones, is a 
>symptom of a diseases or dying pine. Unlike oaks, sycamores, etc., 
>pines are quite resiliant to winds and snow and ice loads, and their 
>branches do no break off as a matter of course.
>If this is a diseased or parasitised tree, the problem may migrate to 
>other trees of the same or similar species. It would behoove the city 
>fathers, therefore, to remove and burn this tree to keep their city 
>landscape from becoming one covered with ravaged and dying trees!

Probably this tree is being attacked by the pine borer. However, I
detest pines because they trap frozen precip and then pop like match
sticks. All located within 200 ft of my power line feed WILL die. I
just lost power last sat due to a lauzy pine! Cheers.......Micro

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