sex determination in dioecious plants

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Thu Feb 8 13:29:00 EST 1996

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>a considerable amount of work has been done on sex determination in
>animals  ( drosophila, caenorhabditis, vertebrate) and in yeast, but I
>have never seen something published on the genetics or the molecular
>mechanisms of sex determination in dioecious plants like yews, holly
>or Actinidia.
>I would be very interested if somebody could add any comments on this
>Thanks in advance.
>Dominique Schaller
>Department of Biochemistry
>University of Geneva
>dschalle at
	I saw your request and just ran across a paper that deals with 
sex determination genetics in Cannabis sativa.  The reference is as 

Sakamota, K., et al. (1995). A Male-Associated DNA Sequence in a 
Dioecious Plant, Cannabis sativa L.  Plant Cell Physiology 36(8): 

I don't know much about the subject, but I thought you may be interested.


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