Ginseng root seed

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Sat Feb 10 00:08:02 EST 1996

  Sun, 4 Feb 1996 Kari Telaranta <karitel at>

  Subject: Ginseng root seed

        >   I want to grow ginseng root in my garden,
        >   only don't know how to do it and where to
        >   find seed from.

  Reply from Vesa Muurinen <vem at> 

        Hei Kari

        Even if you are living in the highest finnish hardiness zone,
        it is quite obvious, that the real ginseng (Panax ginseng) is
        not hard enough. (The hardiness zones in Finland go opposite
        to North America, the southernmost being zone 1. and the 
        northernmost ie. arctic is zone 8. The mildest zone 1A. can
        be compared to USDA zone 4B or 5A).

        You could try Acanthopanax senticosus (Eleutherococcus s.),
        a species near related to Panax ginseng and also used in similar
        healing purposes. The shrub is quite ornamental, too.

        I believe you can get seed of Acanthopanax senticosus from
        Mustila Arboretum, the leading arboretum in Finland; phone 
        (+358) 51 3776678, fax (+358) 51 3777600. They use to collect 
        yearly seed from their own shrubs, which are of a good strain 
        being well adapted to finnish climate.

        I'm afraid there's not time enough to give seed the pre-traitment 
        needed for germinating this spring. Seed having been stored need
        2-3 months' warm- and 3-4 months' cold-stratification.

        In case Mustila has not the seed or if you want to win 2 or 3
        years, I could, if you wish,  give you some 1-year seedlings 
        I've grown up.

        Regards Vesa M.          (P.S. Suomeksihan tama olisi kaynyt

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