How to kill a tree?

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Sat Feb 10 12:53:27 EST 1996

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>Subject: Re: How to kill a tree?
>Date: 9 Feb 1996 18:04:25 GMT

>Do the following.

>By a weedkiller on a 245 D base, this product is related
>to the orange agent they used in Vietnam.

>Take a brush, and brush the concentrated product in a circle
>around the stem about 1 meter above ground level.

>It's very hard to find traces of the product, because
>it works as a hormone. When you use gasoline the hole
>can be found, and the smell wil stay for a while.

Don't believe it - 2,4-D is easy to trace, and the damage is almost 
unmistakeable.  I missed the start of this thread, so I'm guessing the tree is 
on somebody else's property.  Ever try talking nicely?  Beats the heck out of 
dealing through lawyers.

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