How to kill a tree?

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Sat Feb 10 13:56:46 EST 1996

mrijken at (Marti Rijken) wrote:
>I hope planting trees gets as much attention as this thread, but
>nevertheless I would like to share the following experience with you.
>My father was annoyed by the multitude of roots in his lawn of his
>favorite Prunus serrulata. A friend told him to put copper nails in
>the roots to let them disappear. Well, he was right. The roots
>disappeared... because the tree died after a few months...
>Was my father just unlucky, or is copper really this bad for trees?
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The only way to get rid of those roots, I suppose that's your
name for (wortelopslag) braches comming trough the lawn. Is
to cut them of on a regular base. 

Most lovely prunus varieties are put on (geënt) on wild 
seeldlings or selecter vars. Most of those heavy bloomers
have only a weak root.

Copper is a essential element in plantgrowt, but in very
small quantities, if the plant get's to much copper, it
becomes fytotoxic.

Dirk Mermans

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