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Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc.
Jardin Horticole Kingsbrae Inc.
220 King St.  St. Andrews  N.B.  Canada E0G 2X0   (506) 529-3335   fax
(506) 529-4875

	Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden Inc.

Position: Horticulturist

Location Description:
       The Kingsbrae garden will be constructed on a 27 acre site in
the heart of St. Andrews, N.B. The gardens are expected to be
completed in the fall of 1997 and will be open from May to September
each year after that.  It is expected that Kingsbrae will become a
major tourist attraction for the area, complementing the many other
attractions in St. Andrews. Formerly a private estate, Kingsbrae
already has many mature hedges, full-grown trees and existing flower
beds. Once restored, Kingsbrae will be made up of a number of small
gardens, each with it's own special purpose.  The emphasis will be on
Home Landscape, where visitors will learn about gardening in a way
they can relate to their own backyard.  

Job Description: Horticulturist 
       This person will play a key role during the construction period
as a working supervisor. Careful coordination and communication is
required with the design and construction teams.  Reporting to the
Garden Manager, this person will perform a wide range of tasks
including plant selection, propagation, pruning, fertilizing,
irrigation, and general plant health maintenance. The individual will
need to manage a budget for the operation and maintenance of the
gardens. Excellent knowledge of plants and landscape equipment
maintenance is required. The ability to interpret construction
drawings and understand surveying procedures is desired. Must possess
and maintain a valid driver's license and be able to acquire a
pesticide applicator's license. The horticulturist will assist in the
planning and coordinating of staff and work schedules.  The garden's
educational component will require the horticulturist to participate
in the development of home garden and youth programs.

Desired Qualifications:
*Completion of a 2 year Horticulture Technician diploma program or
*Experience working in a horticultural garden and at least 5 years
experience working    in the landscape industry.
*Eligibility for certified applicator status for pesticides.
*Proven supervisory experience.
*Proven ability to work with groups of people including volunteers
*Bilingualism is an asset  
*Applicants should submit a resume outlining their qualifications and
work experience     as well as a description of related projects.

Applicants should state salary expectations when they apply.  
This competition closes February 23rd, 1996.

Interested individuals can forward resumes or obtain additional
information from:
                        Mr.  Andreas Haun
                        Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden
                        220 King Street
                        St. Andrews, New Brunswick
                        EOG 2X0

                        Tel. (506) 529 - 3335
                        Fax (506) 529 - 4875

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