need information on agrobacterium tumefaciens

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In article <Pine.SCO.3.91.960208123534.25700B-100000 at>, "JMdS.96" <bsousa at> says:
>   The person who wrote this "Need help !" thing, is probably out
>of primary school ... and doesn't know that the microorganism in
>question is actually benefic to the plant !
>   Agrobacterium tumefaciens, produces nodules on plant roots, and 
>may be very useful in capturing atmospheric Nitrogen !
>   Or am I worng ?
>   JMdS.96
Indeed, you are wrong.

	You are thinking of Rizobium.  Agrobacterium is generally 
viewed as a plant pathogen.  It causes tumors on plants which can 
be a drain on plant resources, and may become so large as to girdle
the plant and kill it.
	Rizobium and Agrobacterium are very closely related organisms,
but different genera.  There has been some data (however obscure) 
which indicated that Agrobacterium may help in nitrogen fixation
like Rizobium, but this was not easily repeated, and not generally
	You may wish to be a little more charitable to your colleagues
in primary school in future.  Even they are entitled to make a
mistake on occation.  Good luck.
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