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The American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society is pleased to announce its WWW
Home Page. The AGGS is an international society dedicated to the culture
of the gesneriaceae, or gesneriads. Our members range from beginning
growers, to commercial growers, to professional botanists. Sometimes
called the "Miracle Houseplants," gesneriads include familiar plants such
as Saintpaulia (African Violet), Aeschynanthus (Lipstick Plant),
Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose), and Nematanthus (Goldfish Plant). Most
members of this family grow and bloom readily indoors; in windows, under
lights, or in a greenhouse.

Visit our new web site to learn more about these fascinating plants, and
find out about the benefits associated with membership in the AGGS.

Point your browser to <>
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