science project: effect of aspirin on flowers

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Mon Feb 12 17:18:48 EST 1996

Phil Branstetter (RXSE93A at wrote:
: I am doing a 7th grade science project.  The question is what is the 
: effect of aspirin in the water of cut flowers.  I thought it was supposed 
: to extend their life but they turned brown at the stem and became limp.  
: Is there any truth to the benefit of aspirin?
Interesting. I have a book on the Art of Floral Design, by N.T. Hunter.
On page 160 I read that addition of aspirin (or table sugar, or pennies)
has proven ineffective in prolonging flower life.
  Then they continue that longevity can be extended by the addition
of lemon -lime carbonated drink (but I like my 7up as is!) 1 part
of this drink to 2 parts of water (heck, I'd rather drink my Sprite!)
	Next the book talks about mouthwash (not the mint type)
add  2 tablespoons per gal of water. It inhibits microorganisms in
the water.
	There are some commercial treatments, too (Citric Acid).
never mind, talk to a florist and ask.
	Coca Cola and Pepsi, though are colored and less recommended.

Me? I just read this. Normally I put cutflowers in just plain watger
and recut stems every couple of days.     But tonight it will be
too darn cold to worry about cutflowers in my garden!
OK now?  J.H,

Greetings from J.H., the learning machine!

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