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Julius Heinis jheinis at
Mon Feb 12 17:21:52 EST 1996

David Turley (deturley at wrote:
: The American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society is pleased to announce its WWW
: Home Page. The AGGS is an international society dedicated to the culture
: of the gesneriaceae, or gesneriads. Our members range from beginning
: growers, to commercial growers, to professional botanists. Sometimes
: called the "Miracle Houseplants," gesneriads include familiar plants such
: as Saintpaulia (African Violet), Aeschynanthus (Lipstick Plant),
: Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose), and Nematanthus (Goldfish Plant). Most
: members of this family grow and bloom readily indoors; in windows, under
: lights, or in a greenhouse.

: Visit our new web site to learn more about these fascinating plants, and
: find out about the benefits associated with membership in the AGGS.

: Point your browser to <>

OK, already, I am going. Nice pictures, I hope.

Greetings from J.H., the learning machine!

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