Qun Xia xiaq at
Wed Feb 14 15:10:23 EST 1996

Thanks all response to ARROWROOT:

Arrowroot includes many species which can produce fine starch. The
arrowroot found in the Canadian market and Canadian Chinese grocery store
is called Feng3 ge2 by Chinese people.  According to Chinese - English
Dictionary (1980) "Feng ge" in English is "Kudzu". Dr. Xu, Zhaoran wrote: 
It is __Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi__.  Kudzu is the Chinese species of
__Pueraria__ that has been brought in to North America, which becomes a 
common weed around here (USA).  It is exactly Feng3 ge2. 

I think I have got a right answer. Thanks all again. 

Qun xia from Saskatoon, Canada 

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